Supply Chain Disruptions Contribute to Historic Highs in Industrial Lease Spreads

National lease spread hits historic high at $1.45 per square foot, with some markets, like Los Angeles, are seeing gaps as wide as $4.89.

Coworking Rebounds as Solution to New Office Use Models

Demand for coworking spaces nears pre-pandemic levels, even as office vacancies continue to climb, hitting 15.1% nationally.

The Complete Guide to Commercial Lease Types 

A comprehensive breakdown of the main types of commercial real estate leases and the specific terms each category involves.

Key Factors to Consider in Commercial Real Estate Risk Management Plans  

Learn about the most critical types of risk that should inform commercial real estate investment strategies and how to mitigate them.

Key Marketing Strategies for Boosting Industrial Listing Visibility 

With such tight competition driving the industrial sector, listings should be promoted with a well-established marketing strategy in place.

PS Business Parks Meets Market Demand With Fine-Tuned Operations

As pent-up demand for industrial space continues to drive growth, PSB is enhancing its solid closing track record with intuitive solutions.

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The End-to-End CRE Solution

From marketing and research to deal management and commission payments, our tools enhance every facet of commercial real estate.