CommercialEdge Available on Zapier

CommercialEdge Now Available on Zapier: Seamlessly Automate & Manage Workflows & Leads

You may have heard that CommercialEdge can now be integrated with Zapier. But you might be wondering: What is Zapier? And how does this benefit CommercialEdge users?

Here’s how you can get the most out of this exciting new collaboration.

What is Zapier?

Zapier brings together other apps, software and platforms. Users can then set a single task that prompts each of these apps, software products and platforms into action. Essentially, it allows apps to work together for seamless workflows and automates tasks in the background. As a result, Zapier helps its users focus on their most critical work by allowing clients to build custom Zaps triggered by specific events.

Advantages for Real Estate Professionals

Anyone working in real estate can take advantage of the significant benefits of using Zapier, but this is even more true for CommercialEdge users. The main advantage of using Zapier is that all leads can be sent to one single dashboard. This means that you won’t have to check dozens of accounts, platforms and other products, which can save a lot of time.

For CommecialEdge users specifically, this means that as a broker, you can integrate leads directly into Edge Marketing. The source of the leads in the Edge dashboard will appear as Zapier.

3-Step Process Automizes Nearly Any Task

There are three steps within the Zap process. First, choose a trigger. Second, select an action to follow that trigger. Third, Zap steps in and completes that action.

For example, if a potential client emails a broker for more information about a property, you could set up a Zap to take an action without you having to lift a finger. This action could be to send the client a welcome email, create an automated appointment time or call you directly. Remember, Zap works within various apps, so the action and the trigger do not need to be related for Zapier to automize the steps.

5 Ways Zapier Can Benefit CommercialEdge Clients

Because Zapier was not created explicitly for the real estate, some industry professionals might be reticent about its ease of use and applicability within this industry. No need to worry that the app requires the specialized capabilities.  As for how Zapier can seamlessly simplify day-to-day activities for CRE real estate professionals, here are five common scenarios:

  1. Create a series of Zaps to alert you to new leads. For example, when a lead comes in, set up a Zap to text you and add a message to Slack.
  2. Add new leads to your CommercialEdge Marketing dashboard. Leads from Facebook Lead Ads and a large variety of other programs can be automatically integrated with just a few simple steps.
  3. Share listings on all of your social media profiles. Make one post and see it shared to all of your social platforms.
  4. Set up specific steps at various stages of the transaction. One of the primary challenges that real estate brokers and agents face is the multitude of steps that a transaction goes through. If they are handling only one deal, then it might be simple. But, for those who have multiple deals in various stages, Zaps can help trigger an action every time the transaction moves on to the next phase.
  5. Easily manage all of your documents. Cloud computing promised to simplify keeping all of your documents in the same place. However, most industry professionals still deal with several document storage and sharing platforms, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Zapier offers a single place to find and store all of the documents you need.

These are just a few of the ways Zapier could change the way CommercialEdge users do business. Getting started is easy: Create your Zapier account and integrate your current CommecialEdge account into it with just a few simple steps.

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