New CommercialEdge Outlook Add-In for Optimized Deal Management and Marketing

New CommercialEdge Outlook Add-In for Optimized Deal Management and Marketing

Seamlessly integrate deal management and marketing tools within Outlook with the newly developed CommercialEdge Outlook add-in that allows clients to use CommercialEdge Deal Manager and Marketing tools without leaving their inbox. These are the key functionalities:

CRM- and Contact-Level Data Integration

The new add-in transforms email communication by smoothly integrating CRM- and contact-level data within the Outlook interface, providing complete data visibility when writing and receiving emails. This real-time integration ensures you have the necessary context to personalize your interactions, so there is no need to switch between tabs and windows to gather crucial information. All your contact data is in one place.

Outlook add-in
Outlook add-in

Seamless Contact Management

The plugin makes it easy to add new contacts and leads to the Deal Manager database directly from Outlook. This streamlined process ensures that contact lists are always up-to-date and synchronized between both platforms. Whether it’s an existing client or a new lead, a simple click allows for a seamless addition to your contact network.

Easily add new contacts
Easily add new contacts

Effortless Task Management and Activity Tracking

The add-in empowers clients to create tasks, record activities and log notes directly to Deal Manager from Outlook. This feature allows for effortless organization and monitoring of daily tasks — every interaction is captured in real-time, guaranteeing that nothing is overlooked. The integration enhances collaboration by enabling clients to stay connected with their team and their clients without switching between applications.

Easily set up task, notes, reminders
Easily set up tasks, notes, reminders

Native Email Template Integration

Craft compelling emails by leveraging CommercialEdge Marketing templates within your Outlook environment. Share up-to-date property, space and availability information through ready-made templates. The time-saving functionality also ensures branding and messaging consistency across all your communications.

Use pre-created templates
Use pre-created templates

Quick-Add Marketing Materials

Quickly attach CommercialEdge Marketing property and space PDF brochures to your emails directly from Outlook. No need to navigate various databases to find the right files — simply select and attach pre-created brochures that highlight the unique features of each listing.

Add brochures with ease
Add brochures with ease

The new Outlook add-in streamlines workflows by eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms. Leverage the power of effortless communication, enhanced deal management and impactful marketing from your Outlook inbox.

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