Streamline Your Lead Generation With One Commercial Real Estate Marketing Platform

Leverage powerful automation and expert outsourcing to centralize the content behind your website, listings, emails and brochures.

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Automate listing management, and generate marketing collateral using advanced and intuitive real estate marketing tools

Automated emails & brochures

Centralize your marketing content and automatically generate custom emails and real estate brochures with our marketing tools

Expansive listing reach

Syndicate to your website and top third-party marketplaces, including CoStar and Loopnet

Cost-effective outsourcing

Leverage the full-service solution for photos, virtual tours and other marketing assets

Showcase your brand with optimized, dynamically created collateral

  • Promote your entire portfolio professionally with a mobile-optimized, branded listing site that fully integrates with your website
  • Improve your marketing by tracking traffic on your listings directly from your Google Analytics account
  • Create custom email and brochure templates and generate dynamic collateral based on your property and space content
  • Send emails to individual prospects or contact lists and track click-through and open rates
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Boost your lead pipeline with a powerful CRE listings syndication service

  • Automatically market your listings on the CommercialEdge Listing Network, consisting of five marketplaces that generate over 2M monthly visits and 300K high-quality leads per year
  • Syndicate your listings to CoStar and Loopnet, the highest traffic CRE marketplaces in the U.S.
  • Leverage a powerful and open API to publish your listings on any website of your choosing

Expand your reach with the CommercialEdge Listing Network

Your listings will be automatically displayed on the CommercialSearch, CommercialCafe, Point2, PropertyShark and 42Floors websites.

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Leverage native Yardi Voyager integration to save time and reduce upkeep

  • Sync your properties and spaces from Voyager, combine or demise spaces and change marketing information without affecting your Voyager data
  • Automate the publishing and unpublishing of spaces based on availability in Voyager
  • Manage leads from your listing site and the CommercialEdge Listing Network in CommercialEdge Deal Manager
  • Launch quickly and easily by relying on our team to handle content transfer and configuration
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Simplify your marketing process through outsourcing

  • Lean on our expert full-service marketing team to create photos, virtual tours and other collateral
  • In-house specialists handle the scheduling, editing, and payment of marketing assets, so your team can concentrate on optimizing and scaling operations
  • Retain full ownership of all marketing assets produced though our outsourcing services

What clients are saying

Rexford Industrial

“The CommercialEdge offerings streamline our workflows, providing us with complete deal pipeline oversight throughout our region. The end-to-end solution helps us centralize marketing, syndicate availability, manage the deal pipeline and take qualified deals to lease execution.”

— Matt Ehrlich, Senior Vice President


“Deal Manager has proven to be a well-rounded CRM tool to assist our dealmakers in better managing leads so they can be even more productive. Deal Manager’s sophisticated reporting helps our executives make data-driven decisions to lease smarter and more efficiently.”

— Steve Schmid, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst/Project Manager

Cousins Properties

“We wanted a fully integrated, across-the-board solution to check off a whole bunch of boxes for us. We found that with Yardi.”

— Leeann Attanucci, Vice President, Corporate Controller

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From marketing and research to deal management and commission payments, our tools enhance every facet of commercial real estate.