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Transform CRE Listing Agreement Management with Deal Manager

Commercial real estate industry professionals always search for tools to streamline operations. Among the main challenges they face is managing listing agreements effectively.

Deal Manager, part of the CommercialEdge suite of revenue solutions, simplifies this task and prevents missed opportunities by efficiently tracking and managing listing agreements in a single connected platform.

The Challenges of Listing Agreement Management

Traditionally, managing listing agreements in CRE has been complex and cumbersome. CRE professionals often deal with a high volume of agreements, each with its unique set of documents, deadlines and contacts. Combined with the dynamic nature of real estate listings, staying organized and keeping information up to date can be challenging.

Conventional tracking methods, such as Excel spreadsheets and separate SharePoint environments, are time-consuming and prone to error. They can also lead to data disparities, missed deadlines and potential revenue loss.

How Deal Manager Addresses These Challenges

Deal Manager streamlines the entire process with comprehensive features that significantly save time and effort.

Create new listing agreement
Create new listing agreement
  • Centralized tracking

The CRE platform provides a centralized system for tracking all listing agreements, reducing the risk of data discrepancies and ensuring consistent access to information. This feature eliminates the need for separate systems, facilitating the tracking process.

  • Automated alerts and reminders

The platform enables stakeholders to set email reminders for important dates related to listing agreements, such as expiry dates. This helps users stay on track, avoid missed deadlines and customize reminders as needed.

  • Comprehensive reporting

The CRE solution provides a dedicated Listing Agreements Report to show all listing agreements for all properties, offering a detailed overview and enhancing visibility and oversight.

Listing agreement on Property
Listing agreement on Property

Enhanced operational efficiency

The Deal Manager features collectively contribute to improved operational efficiency and strategic listing management.

Listing agreements report
Listing agreements report
  • Real-time insights

The dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities provide real-time visibility into listing performance and other key metrics, empowering users to make well-informed and data-driven decisions.

  • Streamlined communication

By centralizing communication, Deal Manager facilitates effective collaboration among all stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and delays with timely notifications.

  • Simplified document handling

The platform reduces administrative workload by providing a centralized location for storing, organizing and accessing essential documents.

  • Risk identification and mitigation

Deal Manager helps identify and mitigate potential risks, ensure compliance and minimize errors through powerful automation.

  • Adaptability and growth

As businesses expand, the scalable and customizable nature of Deal Manager ensures efficient listing management, meeting growing organizational needs.


Introducing listing agreements into Deal Manager represents a significant leap forward for CRE industry participants. By addressing the common challenges of managing such agreements, Deal Manager enhances listings’ overall efficiency, accuracy and strategic management. This translates into better outcomes, elevated performance and maximized success.

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