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How Spradley Properties Leverages Automated Workflows to Boost Operations

Spradley Properties Leverages Automated Workflows to Boost Operations 

By Timea-Erika Papp | July 21, 2022

Through working with Commissions, the company’s procedure for processing invoices went from five days every month to just a few of hours.

How The Retail Strategy Optimized Commission Management

The Retail Strategy Optimizes Commission Management Amid Rapid Business Growth

By Timea-Erika Papp | July 20, 2022

After successfully implementing Commissions, the company optimized its commission management strategy and expanded its brokerage team.

Rexford Industrial Converts Opportunities Into Deals with Next-Gen CRE Solutions

By Eliza Theiss | June 20, 2022

The CommercialEdge suite for landlords, a purposefully curated solution stack for CRE, brings scalability solutions for Rexford Industrial.

Macerich Accelerates Short-Term Retail Leasing With Automation

By Irina Lupa | December 10, 2021

Learn how Macerich can create and manage its listings and property websites with a single solution.

The End-to-End CRE Solution

From marketing and research to deal management and commission payments, our tools enhance every facet of commercial real estate.