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CommercialEdge Research is the culmination of nearly 15 years of commercial real estate data research. Since 2009, Yardi has been making substantial investments in ensuring continuously improving coverage and accuracy.

County data acquisition

Beginning with our purchase of PropertyShark in 2009, we have been collecting county-level data across the U.S. Many of the managers on this team have been doing this for over a decade and know the counties, the data, and the processes in detail.

We purchase or gather data from official sources and load them into thousands of county-specific tables in our commercial database. The datasets include sales information, as well as a variety of property and site specifications.

Data review & cleansing

Once we load the raw county data, our teams categorize parcels uniformly and manually verify key data points about each and every parcel. All our research is original, closely tracked and documented by team leads and managers who have each been with us for years.

Properties larger than 25,000 square feet receive further attention, with dedicated teams researching additional information including property characteristics, ownership, leasing agents and other unique data points.

Tenant data research

We research all tenants for properties larger than 25,000 square feet to provide brokers with a starting point of tenant data.

Our original research processes involve extensive manual fact-checking to provide the highest level of confidence possible. We provide between 60-90% accuracy on a typical property, significantly higher than the industry average of 30%.

Listing data sourcing

CommercialEdge Research currently covers 85B+ square feet of commercial real estate space over 14.4M researched properties. We work with Yardi’s clients and also partner with marketing firms, brokerages and individual brokers, among other official sources.

To ensure the highest degree of confidence, all our work is tracked and documented extensively, with listing data obtained only from explicitly approved sources.