Why CommercialEdge?

With CommercialEdge, you can enhance the entire leasing and asset management process end to end.

CommercialEdge is the all-in-one solution for landlords and brokerages. Part of the Yardi universe of real estate software, the product suite was built upon decades of CRE research and software development know-how.

The key to our reputation as a market leader in real estate solutions is our drive for continuous innovation. The CommercialEdge suite was refined through our unwavering collaboration with our clients, connecting an enthusiastic team with the real needs and feedback of our customers.


A single connected solution from lead through signed lease


Designed in collaboration with market leaders and commercial experts


Validated and adopted by industry leaders across the CRE market

Features & benefits

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Maximize NOI and reduce costs

Fine tune your leasing, sales and acquisitions strategies with a single, clean source of business analytics and market intelligence.

Gain unparalleled business oversight

Leverage a single connected solution to maintain full visibility into your revenue operations across assets and markets.

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Grow with ease and flexibility

Automate workflows and customize project management end-to-end, from marketing and sales through back-office operations.

Drive productivity and collaboration

Improve collaboration and team productivity while increasing self-governance and operational transparency.

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What clients are saying

Rexford Industrial

“The CommercialEdge offerings streamline our workflows, providing us with complete deal pipeline oversight throughout our region. The end-to-end solution helps us centralize marketing, syndicate availability, manage the deal pipeline and take qualified deals to lease execution.”

— Matt Ehrlich, Senior Vice President

The Retail Strategy

“For anyone who has had to deal with the daunting task of tracking and paying commissions, I think this is an excellent solution. It’s easy to use, it’s accurate, it’s user friendly and I would highly recommend it to anyone dealing with commission management. ”

— Paul Brunner, COO

Spradley Properties

“We do our monthly invoices on the 1st of the month, and before CommercialEdge Commissions, it took me from the 1st to the 5th of the month solely doing invoices and updating spreadsheets. Now it takes me one to two hours with Commissions.”

— Kelly Yanez, Sales and Leasing Agent


“Deal Manager has proven to be a well-rounded CRM tool to assist our dealmakers in better managing leads so they can be even more productive. Deal Manager’s sophisticated reporting helps our executives make data-driven decisions to lease smarter and more efficiently.”

— Steve Schmid, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst/Project Manager

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