Who owns the information, pictures and data uploaded to CommercialEdge's platform?

All the information, data and pictures on the CommercialEdge platform are under the proprietary ownership of CommercialEdge and its parent company, Yardi.

Listings and data uploaded privately by users remain under users' proprietary ownership, for their own private use. If users choose to privately share their data with others (i.e. colleagues and members of their organization), the data still remains under their ownership, with others gaining as much access as the account admin allows.

Information that is publicly available on CommercialEdge can be used and freely (re)distributed by members of the media - we only ask that CommercialEdge be credited as the official source.

Yes, CommercialEdge benefits from special connectivity and integration with a host of Yardi products, including Yardi Voyager, Yardi Breeze, Deal Manager, CommercialCafe and CommercialSearch.

Additionally, CommercialEdge is always on the lookout for strategic partnerships and integrations, such as Zapier and SharpLaunch.

Yes, CommercialEdge is perfectly suited for companies of all sizes, from individual work to larger teams. Built around full user control and privacy, CommercialEdge allows users to share private research, lease and tenant information, and more with specific members of their organization.

For larger teams, admin account holders can set varying levels of access and privacy for individual team members, as well as departments. Contact us at [email protected] for corporate subscriptions and find out more on how CommercialEdge can streamline operations and information exchange in your organization.

Yes, one of the many functionalities of CommercialEdge is the power to create a variety of marketing materials, from reports branded with your name, contact information, company logo, signature and more, to creating custom market research materials, listing comparison booklets, property presentations complete with photos and supporting documents, and much more.

Where does CommercialEdge source its data?

CommercialEdge is the culmination of more than a decade of substantial investments into commercial data research by Yardi, a process that continues to this day. Our data is sourced only from explicitly approved sources, then thoroughly cleaned and verified by a team of 500 experienced research specialists. Our research is fully original and closely monitored for accuracy, relying on a multistep process that includes county data acquisition, data review and cleansing, tenant data research and verified listing sourcing. Read more about our research methods.

We offer information on commercial properties in more than 120 markets across the U.S. We are constantly expanding our coverage, targeting full national coverage on all primary and secondary markets. For real-time market coverage, check out our Markets map.

CommercialEdge markets generally correspond to the boundaries of a Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA), as defined by the United States Bureau of Statistics. Our Markets map shows the specific boundaries of each market we cover, so that users interested in specific markets can easily view how we defined them.

CommercialEdge covers all commercial asset classes, including office, industrial, retail, multifamily, self-storage and mixed-use.

In markets we cover, CommercialEdge has extensive information on each and every commercial property. Our comprehensive property reports include detailed property characteristics and amenities, owner name(s) and contact details, sales and title documents, financial information, photos, permits, taxes and more.

Additionally, CommercialEdge also features information regarding tenants, on- and off-market listings, portfolio sales, and, most importantly, accurate average rents for your area of interest, calculated from actual market rents, not active listings.

Yes, CommercialEdge enables you to add your own private data and research, such as lease and tenant information, and run aggregated analyses with CommercialEdge's researched data, all the while retaining full ownership of your private data - your data is yours alone to use, export or share.

You can import data in various formats and decide on a case-by-case basis with whom and how much you share - our different account types allow admin accounts to set varying levels of privacy for individual team members.

How do I publish my listings on CommercialEdge? Where are they displayed?

There are several ways you can add your listings on the CommercialEdge Listing Network. You can choose to create a free CommercialEdge Marketing account and manually post your listings, or you can reach out to our Support Team after creating your account and get professional assistance from our in-house listing specialists.

After your listings are published on the platform, they are automatically syndicated across the CommercialEdge Listing Network and become visible on the CommercialEdge Research platform. Our proprietary listing network attracts more than 2 million monthly visits for commercial listings alone and includes the public-facing platforms CommercialCafe, CommercialSearchand PropertyShark.

The CommercialEdge Listing Network currently generates 350K+ quality leads per year, with our month-over-month lead growth consistently hitting double digits.

Moreover, CommercialEdge employs a dedicated team of researchers that verifies all listings and ensures you receive quality leads through a spam filtering system.