CommercialEdge Sponsors Bisnow Industrial Trends webinar

Get Ready for a Deep Dive into Industrial Real Estate Trends at the Bisnow Broker Roundtable

At 12:30 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, March 31, CommercialEdge is proudly partnering with Bisnow to bring you the National Industrial Broker Roundtable. Attendees will take away actionable information on the best locations and property types to meet the growing demand for industrial properties. Brokers will also get facts about the latest tools and data to quickly identify the best options available for their clients.  

Join us to learn how the top industrial brokers are currently identifying opportunities and utilizing data to create new opportunities, as well as the methods they’re using to find the right deals at the right time. There’s no question that the accelerated shift to e-commerce will have a permanent effect on the health of the sector, and this seminar will clarify trends in that direction.  

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Sign up for the National Industrial Broker Roundtable now.  

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Eliza Theiss is a senior writer reporting real estate trends in the US. Her work has been cited by CBS News, Curbed, The Los Angeles Times, and Forbes among others. With an academic background in journalism, Eliza has been covering real estate since 2012. Before joining PropertyShark, Eliza was an associate editor at Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive. Eliza writes for both PropertyShark and CommercialEdge. Reach her at [email protected]

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