The Benefits of CommercialEdge Commissions for Brokers

The Benefits of CommercialEdge Commissions for Brokers

In the competitive world of CRE, brokers need a system that streamlines the entire commission process, from identifying opportunities to finalizing deals and managing distributions. A comprehensive commission management solution integrating automated workflows, detailed reporting and real-time analytics offers just that.

CommercialEdge Commissions simplifies complex processes, enhances transparency and boosts operational efficiency by centralizing all transactions into digital vouchers with deal data, commission splits, invoice dates and other key metrics. Here’s a closer look at how the platform’s key features benefit CRE brokers.

1. Visibility on Timing of Commission Distributions

This feature ensures brokers are always up to date on when commissions will be distributed, a crucial aspect of financial planning. What’s more, the solution’s distribution engine automatically calculates even the most complex splits, tiered plans, overrides, bonuses, outside agents and more.

And thanks to powerful reporting and real-time analytics, brokers have a clear forecast of their earnings and can plan more confidently and precisely.

2. Transparency Into Upcoming Invoices Going Out

With the automated operations workflows of Commissions, brokers gain visibility into upcoming invoices, including detailed schedules. This helps with financial management and enhances transparency, allowing brokers to anticipate and prepare for future financial transactions.

The platform’s intuitive dashboards provide a complete overview of all financial activities, ensuring they are tracked and managed efficiently.

3. Progression Through Tiered Split Plans

Navigating through tiered split plans can be complex. However, Commissions simplifies this by supporting even the most sophisticated and complex commission rules. Flat or tiered split plans can be customized based on gross commission, agent net or house net, while multiple split plans can be created for each agent with defined rule sets that determine plan contributions to specific tiers and breakpoints.

Thanks to the visibility into each metric, brokers can easily understand their progression and potential earnings at each tier.

4. Opportunity Management Tools

The opportunities module enables brokers to accelerate the entire deal-making process. From creating and tracking opportunities to estimating revenue and running activity reports, brokers can effortlessly convert won opportunities to deal vouchers. This functionality eliminates the need for double data entry, reduces the risk of errors and saves significant time.

5. Check Arrival Notifications

Timely alerts on check arrivals enhance brokers’ experience by providing up-to-the-minute updates on financial transactions. This feature ensures that financial data is accurately and promptly updated, whether for cash, accrual or hybrid-based accounting needs, keeping brokers informed and enabling them to focus on their core business activities.

6. Payment and Distribution Calculation Alerts

Receiving notifications about payment distributions, complete with detailed calculations, provides much-needed transparency and clarity into commission management. This feature leverages the solution’s powerful analytics and reporting tools, providing brokers with a detailed breakdown of their earnings and ensuring they have a clear understanding of their financial status at all times.

7. No Need for Inquiries About Check Arrivals and Invoice Statuses

Commissions addresses one of the most significant pain points for brokers — the need for constant updates on financial transactions. Rather than having to check in constantly with back-office staff and make inquiries, brokers have access to every detail regarding the source of their income and the reason for receiving it. They can quickly view their commission income, the breakdown of how it was calculated, any deducted expenses and the final balance.

A comprehensive commission management solution is an essential tool for CRE brokers. By leveraging such systems, brokers can focus more on closing deals and less on administrative tasks. Thanks to the integrated approach Commissions provides, brokers can streamline the entire commission lifecycle, from opportunity management to deal closure and financial distributions.

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