How to Find Construction Projects Quickly Using Development Pipeline Data

How to Find Construction Projects Quickly Using Development Pipeline Data 

Knowing how to find construction projects quickly using development pipeline data can provide a competitive advantage in the commercial real estate industry. 

Construction pipeline data provides information about projects at various stages of development, whether they are under construction, planned or prospective.

Leveraging Construction Data to Find Business Opportunities 

Construction data can be accessed through public records or dedicated online databases. Using public records implies time-extensive research because information is distributed across disparate sources. 

Online databases offer CRE professionals quick access to construction information, such as project development stage, location and size, on a single platform. As development stages constantly change, choosing a regularly updated database is essential to ensure the information you’re accessing is timely and relevant.   

Some databases provide additional project details, including owners’ contact information, financing specifics, property characteristics and other valuable information.  

Insights on ongoing and upcoming construction projects help a wide range of industry participants such as developers, investors and contractors identify both present and future business opportunities.  

How Accurate Commercial Construction Data Empowers CRE Professionals 

Access to precise commercial construction data can significantly boost strategic decision-making. Here’s how this information can provide valuable insights to CRE professionals, depending on their specific roles.  

  • Identify new opportunities: Developers can recognize trends, growth areas and opportunities for potential projects using up-to-date construction data.  
  • Site selection: Developers can discover prospective development sites by analyzing factors such as location, project size and site characteristics. 
  • Regulatory compliance: Construction data helps developers navigate regulatory demands and permitting processes more efficiently by providing accurate zoning regulations and site insights.  
  • Strategic investment planning: Construction data insights on project stages enable investors to effectively allocate capital by prioritizing investments that align with their objectives and risk tolerance.  
  • Portfolio growth: Investors can find new real estate investment opportunities and diversify their portfolios by accessing information about construction projects in different markets and asset classes. 
  • Opportunistic investments: Investors can leverage construction data to identify underserved sectors or upcoming developments with high growth potential. 
  • Lead generation: By finding construction projects quickly, contractors can identify potential clients, get their contact information and connect with the right decision-makers. 
  • Competitive advantage: Contractors aware of upcoming projects ahead of their competitors can enter the bidding process early, increasing their chances of securing contracts.  
  • Strategic planning: Contractors can make informed decisions about which projects to take on and how to best allocate resources, such as workforce and materials, based on the specific requirements of each project.  

Research Made Easy with Online Databases 

Online databases with up-to-date and accurate construction data simplify research by saving time and effort. These platforms usually cover various markets and asset classes, providing essential project details, such as location, square footage, use type, estimated completion date and more. 

CommercialEdge Research is such a solution, with more than 14 million verified commercial property records nationwide. 

CommercialEdge Research enables users to find construction projects within a specific location or market and narrow down the results by filters including: 

  • Development stage (under construction, planned, prospective, completed by year-built) 
  • Property size and type 
  • Location class 
  • Purchase and loan details 
  • Ownership 

To ensure our dataset reflects the latest development stages, our commercial data team consistently reviews projects in the construction pipeline and updates their status accordingly.  

Accessing individual property records on CommercialEdge provides insights into: 

  • True ownership with contact details 
  • Estimated completion date with real-time updates  
  • Property characteristics 
  • Site characteristics (buildings on lot, zoning regulations) 
  • Potential area risks 


Access to accurate construction pipeline data can transform how real estate professionals work. An online database with up-to-date information and authentic contact details can be a game-changer, keeping industry players ahead of the competition.  

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