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Grow your business with comprehensive data

Extensive property coverage

Nationwide coverage built up over a decade of commercial property research. All CRE asset types, including office, retail, multifamily, industrial.

Researched data

Our experienced teams collect, clean and verify property data. All our CRE research is original and closely monitored for accuracy.

Lease and sale listings

Access our extensive listings collection, kept up to date by our research teams, brokerage feeds and partnerships with other providers.

Streamline your CRE research

Find in-depth commercial property data in one exhaustive report.

Browse comprehensive property information effortlessly, all in one place.
Uncover property insights, including current leases, tenants and active listings, faster than ever.
Connect with the right person instantly, including real owners.
Prepare your pitch with ready-to-print reports and digital tour books.
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CRE prospecting has never been easier

Enhance your work with time-saving tools.

Refine your search and target specific asset types using extensive filters and customizable views.
Build lists and reach commercial property owners directly with your marketing campaigns.
Price assets accurately using the latest comparable sales and leases.
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Competitive building sets

Automate market intelligence against your portfolio.

Fill vacancies faster with automated competitive set analysis.
Run active research on your competition with dependable data and zero effort on your side.
Create the set once and stay in the know with net rents, occupancy, lease spreads, listing traffic and more - building by building.
Competitive sets Competitive sets
14M+ Property records
261K+ Active listings
7M+ Recent transactions
857K Researched tenants

Get instant local market insights

Boost your advantage with business intelligence.

Know how much your lease is worth, directly from the property report. We aggregate the latest lease data, so you can make informed decisions based on up-to-date local market trends.

Average rent
Occupancy rates
Lease spread
Detailed recoverables
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Comprehensive Commercial Comps across markets

Leverage powerful sales and lease comps to evaluate assets accurately

Run sales comparables based on verified commercial property data to make bulletproof portfolio decisions.
Benchmark your property information and leasing rates against comparable assets to accelerate revenue.
Access aggregated analyses with ease by running Yardi Market Insights directly from the property report.
Comparables section Comparables section

Branded digital tourbooks

Improve client experience with interactive tenant tourbooks

Showcase spaces professionally through branded tour webpages with interactive listings and maps.
Generate and share online tourbooks with ease – from an initial selection of listings to the final, detailed shortlist.
Offer a superior customer experience and centralize tenant feedback with digital comments.
Send out materials automatically and receive email notifications when a client submits their feedback.
Tourbooks section Tourbooks section

Stay on top of lease terms and rates

Build your single source of truth on top of our database.

Store proprietary lease and tenant data against our property database and run aggregated analysis.
Your data stays safe within a secure and separate database, exclusively yours to use, export and share.
Market your tenant’s needs directly to brokers using our tools.
Price assets accurately using the latest comparable sales and leases.
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Turn our data into your opportunities

Capitalize on comprehensive nationwide property and listings data.
Access the tools that will give you the edge.