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Key Marketing Strategies for Boosting Industrial Listing Visibility

Key Marketing Strategies for Boosting Industrial Listing Visibility 

By Timea-Erika Papp | August 1, 2022

With such tight competition driving the industrial sector, listings should be promoted with a well-established marketing strategy in place.

The Essential Checklist for Successful CRE Closings

By Eliza Theiss | July 25, 2022

To profitably navigate the 2022 CRE market, investors and asset managers need to prioritize flexibility, research and the right market positioning.

5 Effective Commission Split Plans for Commercial Real Estate Brokerages to Consider 

By Turner Levison | July 8, 2022

An in-depth comparison on the most widely used commission plans and their efficacy in both revenue production and agent satisfaction.

Dynamic Commission Tracking and Payment for Future-Forward CRE Brokerages

By Eliza Theiss | June 21, 2022

Commissions are among the more complicated aspects of CRE transactions and tracking them can become resource-intensive without dedicated tech.

The Essentials of Budgeting for CRE Brokerages

By Eliza Theiss | June 17, 2022

Smart and efficient budgeting is a core aspect of running a successful business and commercial real estate (CRE) brokerages are no exception.

Shifting Market Fundamentals Are Accelerating Industrial Deal Cycles

How Shifting Market Fundamentals Are Accelerating Industrial Deal Cycles

By Timea-Erika Papp | June 14, 2022

Operators are emphasizing automation and portfolio visibility as tight competition for industrial space is accelerating deal cycles.

Dynamic marketing

How Dynamic Marketing Is Driving Portfolio Performance  

By Timea-Erika Papp | June 10, 2022

The end-to-end CommercialEdge solution enables property owners and asset managers to enhance portfolio performance and optimize operations.

The Complete Guide to Creating CRE Listings That Convert Leads  

By Irina Lupa | April 7, 2022

Convert more leads and grow your reach by optimizing your commercial real estate listings.

How to Find Comps for Commercial Real Estate with Minimal Effort  

By Eliza Theiss | March 23, 2022

Discover our tips on how to find comps for CRE and find out what to look for in a product that provides this indispensable real estate tool.

How to Determine the Fair Market Value of Commercial Property

By Eliza Theiss | February 14, 2022

There are many approaches to determine the fair market value of CRE properties, each with its own pros and cons depending on your investment, financial and development goals.

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